I'm Not Perfect

This week on YouTube, I made a video about me not being perfect. I decided it was quite appropriate to write a blog post about this. After all, this blog is to write down all my thoughts and of coarse I have to have felt SOMETHING sharing all my secrets with the world!

So a lot of you beautiful people send me tweets on a daily basis telling me that I'm perfect or that I'm flawless. Wrong. I am human. By default, that makes me flawed, but in a good way! Now I'm not going to go into detail about how and why I'm flawed (watch the video instead), but I will give you a short list.

Note: These problems no longer exist and haven't for a long time. (Thank God)

1. Trouble With Parents
2. Self Image Issues
3. Stopped Eating
4. Suicidal

Although I appreciate the really sweet tweets from all you amazing people, by calling me perfect and flawless, at the same time it's like you are placing me above everyone else. I have never thought of myself being above anyone else (except haters), and I don't want you to think that either. The main message I'm trying to get across in this post is that I want you all to be my funny, sweet and caring internet friends that I get the pleasure of entertaining each week. I don't want robot fans that do anything I tell them.

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Jasmine Kern said...

I don't consider you being above everyone else, however I do think you are an amazing (and very hot!)person <3

Beau Bo said...

Fortunately I've only met a very few 'perfect' people; perfect by their own standards. Invariably they had some of the worst mental workings going on. So, I'd say that not being perfect is a good thing; the normal way of being. 👍

Rodrigo Martinez said...

maybe you are not perfect ...but you're so cute ...beauty is so close to perfection,

Tony Rivera said...

You are brave to be honest with all of us. But it took great courage to be honest with yourself. That is true beauty.

Pete said...

How nice to see such a wise old brain in such a young and beautiful person!

Jeyd D said...

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